Ballot Statement

Here is my candidate statement as it will appear in your sample ballot:

This community is for everyone.

I grew up in Pico Rivera and graduated from El Rancho in 2008. The policies I would support include:

Rent Control. About one-third of Pico Rivera residents are renters. Under existing state laws, landlords can raise the rent as much as they want with just a 30- or 60-day notice. How are you supposed to afford your bills when your rent goes up but your wages don’t? Rent control would help people stay in their homes while still allowing landlords to make a reasonable profit.

Respecting the houseless. Partly because the rents are so high, people become homeless. Instead of criminalizing families who are sleeping in their cars, we should be funding housing, shelters and services to make our brothers and sisters feel welcome.

Clean Energy. Pico already gets 50% of its energy from renewable sources. We should improve on that.

Workers Rights. The city provides some great services, ranging from park events to street maintenance. City employees make it all happen. Let’s support them so they can continue to help improve our city.

And our businesses will thrive when our people do.

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The statement above has a 200-word limit to fit in the sample ballot. Explore this website to learn more about me and the policies I would support. ¿Tiene alguna pregunta o comentario? ¿Have a question or comment? Send Us a Message.

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