La comunidad es para todos.

Community is for everyone.

Mi nombre es Diego Rubalcava-Alvarez. Soy un candidato para el concilio municipal de Pico Rivera.

Le va bien a la ciudad, con muchos negocios nuevos llegando a la ciudad y prosperando.

Pero a demaciados de nosotros nos cuesta sobrevivir.

Me he postulado como candidato para trabajar con los demas representantes para promulgar las siguientes soluciones:

My name is Diego Rubalcava-Alvarez. I am a candidate for the Pico Rivera City Council.

The city is doing well, with many new businesses coming into town and thriving.

But too many of our people are struggling.

I am running to work with the rest of the council to enact the following solutions:

Rent Control

Respect for the Homeless

Clean Energy

Workers Rights

Green New Deal

¡Vote for Diego Rubalcava-Alvarez on November 5, 2019!

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  • Wild flowers grow on the spreading ground banks. A deep pool of calm water in the basin reflects the blue sky. The San Gabriel mountains are visible to the north in the background.
  • Cars speed past in a blur. An electrical tower stands in the background.

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